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What is mmo wire anode? Elade Coated titanium anode wire for water heater.


The core part of the water heater is an inner tank, which directly affects the safety performance, service performance and service life of the water heater. When selecting a heater, users should pay attention to the material, thickness, welding process, enamel glaze quality, coating and sintering process of the inner liner of the water heater.
An anode rod is often placed inside a water heater to protect the bladder. This anode bar is usually a magnesium rod because magnesium is the least toxic metal in the electrochemical sequence and is physically non-toxic. Therefore, it is ideal to make a magnesium rod protection liner. The size of the magnesium bar is directly related to the length of the liner and the size of the protection effect. The bigger the magnesium rod, the better the protection effect and the longer the protection time.

But magnesium rod size is relatively large, and the service life is short, generally speaking, the electric water heater magnesium rod must be replaced every two years, but some manufacturing level difference products not up to the design life, corrosion fast and even less than a year consumed, short service life, frequent replacement, use the cost increase is many disadvantages of magnesium rod anticorrosion technology.

Shaanxi noble metal oxide coated titanium anode, laidre production of small volume, light weight, and deodorant, titanium anode wire and water heater composed of a water heater in tap water for conducting medium loop. When the current through the electrode, tap water in Cl- as the anode of the metal oxide coated titanium anode movement near the anode enrichment, as near the water heater cathode, the concentration of Cl- will greatly reduce the corrosion rate, slow water heater, water heater can greatly prolong the service life.


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