Tantalum welding

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Tantalum welding
« on: 14 August 2015, 09:24:53 »
Tantalum welding has a lot in common with the welding of titanium and can be done with the GTAW welding process in DC.

The corrosion resistance of tantalium but also many of the mechanical properties are similar to titanium, and because of this the welding of tantalum "feels" almost the same way as the welding of titanium.
Except for an very important material property, the tantalum has a very high melting point of more than 3000 degrees!
Because of that you need a lot of amperage to weld this properly.

The protection of the weld with an inert gas is the most important factor if you want to weld tantalum.
Jut like titanium tantalum also has a high reactivity with oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen, and it should be protected during welding with an extremely pure inert gas in, preferably, a purge chamber.

The second important factor is that tantalum, like titanium, has to be processed very clean and there should be no contamination during welding into the weld.
The cleaning can be done mechanically with a brush wire of tantalum, and thereafter chemically with a non-chlorinated solvent.

As a filler metal, choose a filler that matches the grade of the tantalum that is being welded
R05200, R05252, R05255 and R05240.

Tantalum can only be welded to itself or to other reactive metal alloys, such as titanium, niobium or zirconium.

The welding of tantalum alloy therefore requires a lot of attention to be successful, it can not be protected enough, there may not be enough with clean gas and materials.

If the focus and expertise is precisely the welds are to!
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