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Below are some rules that must be observed to become and remain a member of this forum.

1- Everything posted will in principle remain the property of this forum.

2- Posting images and quotes on this forum from other websites is permitted as long as the source and the author
     are mentioned and the quote as a quote is distinct from the other text.
     For the unauthorized posting of images and / or quotes on this forum from other websites or subject to copyright
     images and / or quotes is at all times the sender of the relevant image and / or quote responsible.
     The placement of non-commercial links is limited allowed to prevent dead links. E.e.a. to assess the
     Forum Management.
3- Every participant is responsible for his / her own submits.

4- Discrimination against races and sex, intimidation of other users, inappropriate language, all manifestations of extremism,
     all forms of (child) pornography, placing references to real names or unintentionally publishing e-mail addresses of
     participants is not allowed.

5- The administrators and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove unwanted material from the forum as soon as possible.
     However, it is impossible to check every message, we ask for your understanding.
     The management cannot be held responsible for the content of messages from users.

6- It is not allowed to choose a brand name as Forum name.
     These names are reserved for possible future sponsors.

7- All commercial expressions and or referrals for companies and individuals are not allowed.
     If the commercial expression is necessary and contributes to the topic in question, this may be permitted in special cases
     e.e.a. at the discretion of the moderators.
     Advertising, placing a CV, naming self-employed persons and the like is seen as a commercial expression.
     The naming of brand names is permitted provided that this brand name is not a unique name of a supplier.
     Exceptions can only be made to the above in consultation with the Forum Management, for example with sponsoring.

8- It is not allowed to advertise for companies and entrepreneurs by mentioning a company name or
     website in your username and or profile information, exceptions can only be made in consultation with the management,
     for example with sponsoring.

9- It is not allowed to advertise for companies or entrepreneurs by mentioning an e-mail address with company
     domain. When registering with such an address you must check the box "Hide e-mail for others".
     By not allowing advertisements for companies and entrepreneurs, we want to prevent this forum from becoming commercial,
     the only exception is the advertising of sponsors.
     The member list and some boards can be seen for members with 0 messages, to encourage members to register, as members here
     Advertise, this can be a reason for companies and interested to become members to the member list and the visible
     to view boards.
     With a great deal of enthusiasm from such (non-contributing) members that the content of the forum is of no use, this is at the expense
     bandwidth and that costs the forum money (larger dedicated server connection etc).
     The forum is also less attractive for sponsors, more costs and fewer sponsors.
     Ultimately, this forum can then become a trading place for and by companies.
     The forum and our sponsors would then pay to help companies with information, this is not our intention.

     Our starting point is to bring colleagues together and exchange information.
     This allows each member to expand his / her knowledge and network, which ultimately benefits his / her hobby or company.
     We believe that this forum is not intended for members and companies to promote themselves, it will prevent this
     management strictly adhere to this.

10- It is not permitted to use this forum only as a trading place.

11- It is not allowed to copy photos or images without permission to use for your own purposes, everything
      on this forum is subject to copyright law.
      An exception is possible if the owner of the photos or images gives written permission for this.
      This can be done via a pbtje (personal message) here on the forum, or via an E-mail if the user has made this visible in
      personal information.
      IMPORTANT is that a copy is kept as proof.

12- The management of the forum has the right to delete, edit or move some messages and have it
      right to close topics and / or topics at the moment that they find this appropriate.

13- Companies are not allowed to peg members for unsolicited offers or advertisements, members can report here
      of management.

14- The forum and / or management is not liable for things that go wrong between participants in the Sales and auction sections.

15- The email address you provide will only be used to confirm your account and password and for it
      send a new password if you have forgotten the password.
      You can choose whether your e-mail address is visible in your profile.
      It is not permitted to use e-mail addresses for commercial purposes unless the owner agrees.

16- It is not allowed to mention e-mail addresses in a topic i.v.m. spam sensitivity of the forum.

17- With intentional misuse of given privileges, so by changing a contribution (a) certain thread (s) unusable
      leads to the privileges being revoked, in serious cases deletion and / or banning of the account.

18- The management of the forum decides in all cases where the above does not apply.

19- If the above rules are not observed, account deletion and / or banishment of this forum is possible.

Follow the rules of good decency, and we wish you a pleasant and above all pleasant forum pleasure.

The Ti22forum team
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