Hello Titanium Fans

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Hello Titanium Fans
« on: 7 July 2017, 08:04:44 »
My name is John Monsees, some of you may have heard of me, attended one of my many lectures or classes on Titanium 101, now taught by others. Or maybe you met me at one of the countless titanium welding classes I did for so many companies and organizations including, AWS, Lincoln Electric, NASCAR, International Titanium Association, Japan Titanium Society, API, DoD, Navy, Army and many more.  I was a founding member of the Association when it started in Pittsburgh oh so many years ago.  I was the Technical Director of the Titanium Development Association serving for several years in Committee's, Conference Chair's, as well as the Executive Director of the association's Executive Board for several more.  I later changed the name of the TDA to the now ITA while being employed by the industry as their Executive Director for 8 years.  I left to pursue private practice after the conference in Monte-Carlo.  Nothing like going out with a bang.  What a conference we had there.  You will see my name on numerous titanium specifications and standards from D1.9, G2D, C7.1, the Welding Handbook Titanium Chapter, and many others.  Today, I consult to the industry worldwide, pretty much as I see fit and how things interest me. I am working on my second book, as time allows.  I have now seen 5-7 major cycles in this titanium industry including the Saturn V days. Its been glorius, but yet amazing to see how little legacy is sometimes appreciated or valued.  You can read more if interested at my LinkedIn page TiGuru22

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