Titanium Powder -- for your FACE!

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Titanium Powder -- for your FACE!
« on: 4 August 2017, 08:42:32 »
All the talk these days is of titanium metal powder for Additive Manufacturing, melted by laser or electron beam typically then rapidly solidified into unique shapes and structures, but what if I told you that you can now take advantage of titanium's versatile nature by actually PUTTING IT ON YOUR FACE!

I am a bit of a beauty product junkie so I was delighted to try a sample of IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder. I liked it so much I got the full size compact as shown here. Usually I don't like to do product placement but I couldn't resist it when I read the ingredients which not only include titanium dioxide (TiO2) but also silk, peptides, collagen and other anti-aging materials. It appears in a chalky white compact with a yellowish tinge but goes on absolutely transparent. The key ingredients work together to create an "optical blurring effect" essentially photo-shopping your skin in real life, so that your make-up looks flawless. Perfect for my close up!

People are constantly asking me where else they can find titanium, as you can see here, all over my face, in the form of titanium dioxide. The shiny reflective particles in my eyeshadow, lip gloss and highlighter are a dead giveaway. For anyone interested:

    Eyeshadow palette: Cover Girl "The Force Awakens" #725 Breathtaking Blues*
    BB Cream: Trish McEvoy Instant Solutions #2
    Lip Color: Bare Minerals #80327 Swag (Matte)
    Highlighter & Bronzer: Trish McEvoy Petite Page Wardrobe
    Cheek Blush: Dior Rosy Glow #001 "Petal"

*I got a lot of criticism for the Force Awakens eyeshadow (naturally it belongs to the Dark Side, Sith) but I liked the fun glitter shades.

You can get this amazing pressed powder product on line, from Amazon, QVC or in real life at your nearest Sephora. Try it and see if people are wowed by your flawless face!

Writing: Eliana Fu, LinkedIn.
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