6242 Weldable titanium Alloy

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6242 Weldable titanium Alloy
« on: 5 January 2016, 11:41:38 »
 6242 Titanium Alloy is a weldable, near-alpha titanium alloy offering excellent mechanical strength, stability and creep resistance to temperatures as high as 550°C. 6-2-4-2 (TI-6AL-2SN-4ZR-2MO-SI) offers good corrosion resistance with fair weldability. The product has a density of 4.54 g/cc and Smiths High Performance can supply the material to you in round bar sheets and plates. The nominal hardness of 6242 titanium alloy is 34 HRC.

The material is used throughout high tech industry in such market sectors as motorsport and commercial aerospace. Applications include precision racing engine parts, hot section gas turbine components such as discs, impellers, turbines, etc. It is also employed in a variety of sheet metal components such as afterburner cans and hot airframe components.


    High performance racing engine parts
    Airframe structures
    Impellers & turbines
    Jet engine compressors


    Round bar


    Excellent mechanical strength and material stability
    Excellent creep resistance
    Weldable near-alpha titanium
    Good corrosion resistance
    Processing options available
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