Titanium and titanium alloy as an advantages materials for ship

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With its own excellent features,Titanium and titanium alloy almost meet all the requirements of the materials used on the ship, even a perfect ship material. The advantages are as follows:

(1) light, high strength. Titanium density of 4.5g / cm3, higher than the density of aluminum 2.7g / cm3, lower than the density of iron 7.9g / cm3, only 57% of iron. The density of titanium is less than 2 times that of aluminum, but the strength is three times that of aluminum. In industrial engineering applications, the choice of high strength than the metal, the titanium alloy can be used as the preferred material. Under the same conditions, the depth of the dive made of titanium dive depth of up to 10,000 meters, while the depth of steel submersible diving depth is far below. In addition, titanium magnetic zero, in any intensity of the magnetic field will not be disturbed, so when fighting at sea, the use of mines, torpedoes and other magnetic mine attack weapons, titanium shell for the manufacture of hull no offensive, with good Of the anti-guard role, this feature by the military engineering applications of all ages.

(2) maritime climate environment, good corrosion resistance. When the titanium alloy in the air and some oxygen-containing media, due to titanium and oxygen has a strong affinity, the surface can quickly form a layer of dense, strong adhesion and good stability of the oxide film, in many media can not easily be destroyed, Thereby protecting the titanium matrix. The results show that the corrosion rates of titanium and titanium alloy in the three areas of the South China Sea, the North Sea and the East China Sea are nearly zero for 16 years in all immersion, tidal zone, splash zone and oceanic climate. Therefore, the use of titanium alloy ship manufacturing on the one hand can extend the service life, on the other hand can reduce the late corrosion and take the surface as the cost of protection treatment.

(3) excellent overall performance. Titanium alloy can be hot and cold forming, free forging, extrusion and welding and other processing, has a good processing adaptability. Data show that the titanium alloy in the range of -60 ~ 20 ℃ impact toughness test itself does not exist brittle transition point. In addition, compared with aluminum and steel, titanium alloy heat resistance, low temperature performance and fracture toughness of the best.

Writing: Lixing Titanium cathy
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