Titanium metal and gas are used in a wide range of applications

Author Topic: Titanium metal and gas are used in a wide range of applications  (Read 26078 times)

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Titanium is corrosion-resistant, so everyone usually thinks it is an inert metal. On the contrary, titanium is actually a very active metal. It has a low equilibrium potential and a high degree of thermodynamic corrosion in the medium, but it is actually a lot. Titanium in the medium is very stable, especially titanium can't react with liquid and solid, and it can't be combined. Even Wangshui can't help it. However, titanium reacts very strongly to gas. Titanium likes nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. Many gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane are combined. This characteristic of titanium, which has a great affinity with gas, is widely used in our lives.

The most common one is the fireworks that are released during the holiday season. The contribution of titanium here is not small. When titanium powder and oxygen are rapidly combined to burn, they can produce intense heat and brilliance. This feature of titanium not only enhances the atmosphere of people's joy, but also can be used in the military. The dazzling light of the signal flare is the combination of titanium and oxygen. In daily lighting, such as the arc lamp, the right amount of titanium is added. The compound can increase its brightness. The strong absorption of titanium's affinity for air removes air and creates a vacuum. For example, using a vacuum pump made of titanium, the air can be pumped clean and free. In the metallurgical industry, adding a small amount of titanium to molten steel can “eat” the gas and impurities inside, can play a good role in deoxidation and nitrogen removal, and can eliminate the harmful effects of sulfur, thereby improving the mechanical properties of steel. And corrosion resistance.

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