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Get started!
« on: 19 May 2015, 09:27:43 »
Welcome to the International Titanium forum! The free internet community for talking about our wonderfull metal titanium!

Tittanium is a world widely used metal and we allready have members from all over the world!
Multiple active memebers are from USA, Germany, The Netherlands, India, Japan, China and even New zealand!

This forum is in English but if you want you can write and read everything in your own language.
It's simple, just choose youre language in our google translate tool and you can read everything will be translated.

After that please register and let us know who you are  :)

Remember, you can just write in youre own language if you want, everything will be translated for every user, so also youre writing  ;)

Are you satisfied with this forum tell others .......!
Are you dissatisfied with this forum tell me .......!